Nylon perforated sheet baseband

Nylon perforated sheet baseband

Product Details

The baseband isImported industrial belt, It has the advantages of non-cracking surface, long service life, fast transmission speed, good flexibility and guidance, stable size, stable friction coefficient, etc., and can absorb vibration, low noise, and has the advantages of good cost performance. It is suitable for occasions with compact transmission mechanism, high linear speed and large speed ratio. Film-based flat belts are widely used in automobiles, textile machinery, printing machinery, light industry, food transportation, medical equipment, precision instruments and various precision machinery and equipment.

Our products have the same quality and the same life span as the original ones. The size of the hole-to-hole spacing is standard and error-free. Imported equipment for cutting, accurate size.

With suction effect, holes are punched on the belt, and the equipment can better absorb the product during transportation. Such as printing machinery, folder-gluer, etc.;

Precise positioning, along the horizontal or vertical direction, precise positioning holes on the belt, can be used as a function of accurate transmission or installation of accessories. Such as dumpling machine belt, etc.;

Drainage function, holes are punched on the belt, and the water on the belt can flow away when the cleaning product is conveyed. For example, the conveyor belt of the cleaning line fishing machine.