White industrial belt

White industrial belt

Product Details

Special industrial belts, customized polyurethane timing belts. It has many advantages. It is supplied by manufacturers, has various specifications, supports customization, excellent quality, and fast delivery.

The four core advantages of our company:

1. Professional production equipment line.

2. The factory has multiple production lines and imported production equipment.

3. Produced in the source factory, equipped with multiple sets of imported and domestic belt special production and processing equipment.

4. Customized according to customer requirements, professionally customized various types of transmission belts, flat transmission belts, conveyor belts, automotive belts, etc. It can also be used for belt connection, red rubber, green cloth, baffle and other special processing.

Product display

Keep improving in material selection and craftsmanship, stable performance and quality assurance

product details

1. Smooth transmission

Stable vibration buffer, vibration reduction, low noise, etc.

2. Easy to use

Compact structure and easy installation

3. Customized according to demand is more intimate

Customized according to customer drawings, can cooperate with customer production and processing

This product is used in the electrical machinery industry, woodworking furniture, packaging machine industry, glass and other products. It can easily cope with the use of automated machinery. The timing belt is made of polyurethane material, and the transmission is stable and stable, and it has the function of transmission.