Cut resistant conveyor belt

Cut resistant conveyor belt

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The cut-resistant pu conveyor belt is made of pu material, and polyurethane (pu) is used as the raw material for the production of the conveyor belt. The finished product formula is scientific and reasonable. It meets the food hygiene standards and can be directly contacted with food. The color is moderate and there is no peculiar smell.

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pu material, wear-resistant and cut-resistant

Back fabric layer, industrial polyester fabric, strong tensile resistance

The front side of the heat fusion splice, the back side of the heat fusion splice


1. Easy to use: simple structure, easy installation and maintenance

2. Smooth transmission: There is no sliding when the transmission is accurate, and it has a constant transmission ratio, which is not easy to break and not easy to open the glue.

3. Convenient maintenance: with buffering and shock absorption capacity, low noise and longer life

4. Good mechanical properties: high wear resistance, low tensile force, very durable, dimensional stability and use more at ease

Source direct sales: self-produced and self-sold goods are cheap

Flat joints: flat hot-melt joints and firm tooth-shaped joints

Stable performance: multi-layer polyester, strong and durable

Excellent quality: quality service, quality assurance

Strong tensile resistance: assured quality, wide application, excellent craftsmanship

Smooth surface: meticulous workmanship made through layers of processes

Strong and stable: imported materials, high-strength fiber cloth, strong structural stability

Economical and durable: it is durable, reliable and economical with overlapping layers of rubber cloth