Anti-corrosion conveyor belt

Anti-corrosion conveyor belt

Product Details

ourSpecial processing of industrial belts, The product pattern is mostly golf pattern, and the anti-corrosion conveyor belt is strong. The pattern conveyor belt is suitable for conveying products with an inclination of 0-40 degrees to prevent the products from sliding down. Working temperature: -10 degrees to 80 degrees at room temperature. Non-slip, wear-resistant; heat-resistant, moisture-proof; breathable, oil-resistant; strong pull, anti-static. The advantages of our products: quality assurance, factory direct sales, spot delivery, high quality and low price.

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Golf pattern conveyor belt details

1. Heat-resistant, wear-resistant, precise and strong

2. No fading, no shaving, the imported bristles are trimmed neatly

3. Super tensile strength, anti-skid and moisture-proof

On-demand customization and special processing, in order to meet customer needs, we can provide various customized processing services.

1. Material customization, multiple materials and thicknesses to choose from

2. Color customization, multi-color can be customized

3. Pattern customization, multi-pattern rollers press patterns

4. Size customization, customized sales according to customer size