Special processing belt

Special processing belt

Product Details

Shaofeng Industrial Belt has its own belt processing plant and a complete product inventory with a short delivery time. The imported sponge used is a high-density sponge, with light material, excellent toughness, soft and flexible, and has super wear resistance and tear resistance under external high-frequency extrusion and collision. The sponge layer, blue cloth layer and base belt layer are tight and firm and not loose. The length and width of the special processing belt conveyor belt can be cut to any size according to customer requirements, and the thickness is 2.30mm.


High adhesion, tear-resistant blue cloth layer, good resilience. In order to solve the common mop problems in the industry, our company has developed a supporting tear-resistant blue cloth sponge. The blue cloth and the sponge layer are highly bonded, not peeling off, and durable. durable.

High-quality raw materials:

Use high-quality high-density sponge, the sponge layer is wear-resistant, does not drop slag, has good flexibility, strong resilience, and good labeling effect.

Advanced production equipment:

Imported guide bar equipment is adopted, and the anti-deflection guide bar is adhered firmly and the position is accurate.

Advanced technology:

The wide slitting process is adopted to ensure the belt width is accurate, the trimming is neat, and the appearance is beautiful.

Imported sponge belt, preferred material, factory direct sale

Application areas: food conveyor belt application logistics sorting conveyor belt, electronic industry conveyor belt, blue food conveyor belt, assembly line conveyor belt, mechanical timing belt