Modular conveyor belt

Modular conveyor belt

Product Details

The plastic net chain is assembled by using the chain plates made by POM. The modular net bags are interwoven with each other by interlocking method or bricklaying method, and are assembled by the whole field pin. This description fundamentally improves the conveyor belt. strength.

product details

Smooth transmission: The product has the characteristics of stable transmission, oil resistance, heat resistance, and wear resistance.

Robust and durable: careful selection of materials, strong load-bearing, strong and durable, reliable quality

Neat incision: the conveyor belt is neatly trimmed, lint-free, beautiful in appearance, easy to use

Variety of specifications: product specifications are diverse, which can be customized according to customers' drawings and samples, and have a wide range of uses

Product advantages

Imported raw materials, low noise, super wear-resistant, easy to disassemble

High and low temperature resistance, no powder, acid and alkali resistance, UV protection, low cost, antistatic, small turning radius, impact resistance

The baffle plate and the side plate can also be interlocked with hinge pins to become one of all parts of the conveyor belt. Modular methods are diverse, splicing is sensitive, and replacement is convenient. There are many methods such as opening method, flat plate, convex rib, ball, anti-skid and so on.

Application industry: suitable for puffed food production line, fruit grading, packaging line, aquatic product processing production line, quick-frozen food production line, battery manufacturing production, beverage manufacturing, canning industry, agricultural processing industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, etc. . Plastic chain plates are made of engineering plastics and connected with stainless steel pins. Compared with steel chain plates, they have the characteristics of lighter weight and low noise.

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1. Stable performance

2. Anti-slip and wear-resistant

3. Not easy to deform

4. Wear-resistant model

5. Lightweight and durable

6. Large delivery volume