Flexible chain conveyor belt

Flexible chain conveyor belt

Product Details

The flexible chain conveyor belt is made of POM material, which is lighter in weight, which not only reduces the impact on the environment during transportation, but also helps reduce transportation costs.

Conveying process: Based on aluminum conveying beams, equipped with low-friction slide rails that can guide multiple bends.

Low noise: The device has a low operating sound and will not cause any discomfort to the human ear.

Clean: The whole line is assembled from white high-strength engineering POM chain plates, with excellent tensile strength, bending strength, creep resistance and fatigue resistance, and repeated impact resistance.

Smart: The components that can be disassembled and assembled at will are assembled into a flexible conveying system, which can be matched with vertical and horizontal curves of different radii and can be adjusted according to your production status anytime and anywhere.

Convenience: No special tools are required for the installation of the whole line, and only common hand tools are needed to complete the basic disassembly and assembly work by a single person.

Stable: Stable performance can ensure that the delivered product does not tip over and slip off during the conveying process.

Professional conveyor chain plate manufacturer:

The product has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties.

Quality assurance and stable performance

1. More stable

The transmission buffer is more stable, light and reliable. It has the characteristics of buffering, shock absorption capacity, and low noise.

2. More accurate

It has an accurate constant ratio, accurate transmission during work, no slippage, and constant rotation rate.

3. More efficient

The transmission efficiency is high, it is more time-saving, not easy to shake, stable and wear-resistant, and the use time is greatly increased.