Imported V-belt Synchronous Belt

Imported V-belt Synchronous Belt

Product Details

Imported V-belt timing belt is a special processing belt, the product is manufactured carefully, and the forging process. Improve work accuracy and increase production efficiency. Effectively silent, ingenious craftsmanship, high quality, worry-free operation.

Our product advantages:

1. Excellent aluminum alloy, fine and beautiful atmosphere, can work normally in places with harsh working environment.

2. Convenient installation, convenient and quick adjustment, labor-saving and high-efficiency can save 3-5 times of working hours.

3. The maintenance cost is low, and the arc tooth is suitable for power transmission with high speed or high power transmission.

4. The advantages of multi-axis transmission, oil resistance, moisture resistance, and no need for lubrication.

5. It can be precise transmission, stable transmission, can absorb vibration and noise, and the transmission speed ratio range is large.

6. Compact structure is also suitable for multi-axis transmission, with small tension force, no lubrication and no pollution.

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Professional synchronous wheel manufacturer provides you with all specifications

1. Smooth transmission

It has the characteristics of buffering and damping capacity and low noise

2. Efficiency improvement

Effectively avoid traditional tolerances and invisible damage

3. Excellent selection of materials

Excellent material, stable internal control, no burr on thread control, long service life

4. Cogging process

Accurate tooth shape, precise occlusion with tooth belt, high concentricity

Complete specifications/sturdy and durable/easy to operate

Application range: This product is widely used in medical, steel machinery, petrochemical, instrumentation, sewing equipment, automobile, textile, printing and packaging industries, etc.