Red plastic perforated belt

Red plastic perforated belt

Product Details

Imported industrial belts, natural rubber, no pollution and odor, high-strength and high-quality cotton, nylon, polyester canvas are used as the core, which does not affect the food hygiene and odor coverage. The red rubber perforated belt is an endless belt with a glass fiber rope as a strong layer and covered with neoprene. The surface is perforated and has strong adsorption. It is used for vacuum stretching machines, packaging machines and other mechanical equipment. The general operating temperature is -20℃-80℃. From the raw material process to the details of each step, the production is strictly in accordance with high standards to ensure product quality, and all index parameters are qualified.

Adopting mould integrated vulcanization technology, seamless and no interface, longer service life.

High-quality material, using neoprene virgin rubber, with sufficient rubber content, high strength, good wear resistance and strong friction.

Environmentally friendly wear-resistant materials, with high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging and other excellent geometric stability.

Belt maintenance

Regularly clean the surface of the belt and the surface of the roller. You can use alcohol or neutral detergent to wash it and then rinse it with water. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the belt with pure benzene chemicals.