Heat-resistant conveyor belt

Heat-resistant conveyor belt

Product Details

Heat-resistant conveyor belt material: rubber

Width: The size can be specially processed according to customer requirements

Length: any length according to customer needs

The hot-melt joints of the heat-resistant conveyor belt are flat and firm, and the toothed joints are hot-melted by imported machines; the cutting edges are flush, the machine is cut, and the belt edges are neat, not easy to run off, and accurate measurement; stable performance, multi-layer polyester fiber cloth, strong and durable, Good lateral stability.

It is made of high-quality, assured materials, with good toughness and high hardness, and excellent craftsmanship. High efficiency, the product is not easy to break during use, and the operation stability is high during use, which is trustworthy. Long life, high transmission efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, long service life, durable, and not easy to wear. The craftsmanship is refined and it is manufactured by scientific and precise processing methods, with the advantages of high hardness, high toughness, and corrosion resistance.

Belt storage

Please keep the belt in a cool and dry environment. The ideal environment is 20℃ and 50% humidity. Do not place the belt in direct sunlight, high temperature (low), and high humidity, otherwise it will affect the surface of the belt. The performance of the material.

Belt installation

1. Before installing the belt, it is necessary to remove foreign matter such as the surface of the belt and the oily lint on the surface of the roller of the roller to prevent the belt from walking abnormally.

2. For belts with joints, pay attention to the direction of travel according to different uses when installing.