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What is the problem with the noise of industrial belts during operation
- 2022-04-09-

Generally speaking, the noise of belt drive is much smaller than that of flexible chain plate conveyor belt drive and gear drive, but when the belt or transmission device fails, it will also produce a lot of noise. In practical applications , We can roughly judge the cause of the failure of the belt drive according to the abnormal noise emitted by the belt. The following four are the analysis of the abnormal noise during the industrial belt drive that Shaofeng Industrial Belt has learned.

1, creaking

When an industrial belt squeaks, it usually means that the friction coefficient of the belt surface has been severely reduced and has been excessively worn. If the belt is not overstretched and the automatic tensioner is in good condition, we check whether the working surface of the belt is It is polished to be smooth like a mirror. This is a typical slippage under load caused by excessive belt wear, and the paint peeling off the surface of the pulley is the best proof of slippage.

2, long screams or harsh noises

Although the surface of the pulley is stained with dirt such as sand or the reverse installation of the used belt can also cause the belt to emit a long squeal or screeching noise, it is usually caused by improper assembly of the auxiliary mechanism drive.

3, hissing, rattling, growling or whining

If there is a continuous hissing or rattling sound on the cut-resistant PU conveyor belt, and it increases with the increase of the engine speed, it usually means that the bearing of the auxiliary transmission mechanism is out of oil. If the rotation is difficult or the sound is rough and harsh, it will make a rattling sound , Don't hesitate, either replace the bearing or replace the corresponding parts. But it should be noted that: every time you replace the components of the auxiliary transmission mechanism, you must not forget to replace the belt tensioner and the automatic tensioner. If the engine speed increases with the A high, continuous roar gradually turns into a whimper, indicating that the corresponding bearing will soon fail. Repeat the above test to avoid system disaster at a critical moment.

4, rumble

The rumbling sound is a typical sound caused by the vibration of the belt, especially when the auxiliary mechanism transmission system is under load, when the engine reaches a certain speed, the noise will increase significantly. Excessive stretching or damage to the belt tensioner and tensioner pulley.

We use the sound to identify the cause, prescribe the right medicine, and minimize the damage to the belt. If you have any questions that you don't understand, and want to get specific answers, please feel free to consult our customer service.

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