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Which logistics sorting conveyor belt to use
- 2021-09-06-

Now it belongs to the era of the Internet, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, online shopping is becoming more and more common, and the global logistics industry has a new development trend. With the rapid rise of e-commerce and the increase in industry demand, the needs and requirements of warehousing, logistics and distribution are also increasing, warehousing and logistics equipment are also increasing, and the conveyor belts on the conveyor line also have higher requirements.

There are three common types of logistics sorting conveyor belts: PVC grass-grain non-slip belts, PVC black low-noise flat belts and PVK wear-resistant conveyor belts. As we all know, the automatic sorting system is generally composed of control device, sorting device, conveying device, sorting door and control software at the same time. We need to know what criteria to choose!

The first is speed. That is to say, the sorting volume per hour is money, and efficiency is everything for ordinary parcels. Assuming that the normal data of the industry is about 6000 per hour, according to external factors such as the shape and size of the package, it reaches 5000 per hour. The pieces are also very good. If you use high-quality logistics sorting conveyor belts, you can get twice the result with half the effort, greatly saving time and improving efficiency.

With speed, the second important thing is accuracy. That is to say, no matter how fast the gears of your device rotate or there is no accuracy, everything is floating. Everyone should know that speed and accuracy are both effective and automatic. Measuring and intelligent sorting equipment can intelligently judge the correct sorting channel according to the automatic adjustment of packaging materials, packaging weight and packaging surface flatness. This is a principle problem of automatic weighing: in this era of high quality and low price, 1 gram The weight difference is equivalent to a cross-border e-commerce express fee of 1 yuan, 5,000 yuan per day, 1 gram less per person, that is, 5,000 yuan less, which is all money.

Third, the important thing is that cheap prices are not necessarily good. The key is that the cost is high, quality and technology are not expensive. We need to choose a suitable conveyor belt factory.