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Selection of logistics sorting conveyor belt
- 2022-02-21-

With the continuous improvement of the logistics system, the development of my country's logistics industry is getting faster and faster. Compared with the previous manual sorting, these automated logistics sorting lines can greatly improve the sorting efficiency and accuracy of express delivery. The sorting system can also save most of the labor costs. This system sorts and transports the goods through code scanning, conveying, sorting and other devices, instead of manual identification, sorting, and transmission. Finally, the most The important thing is to reduce the loss of goods, use the automatic sorting system, reduce the manual close contact with the goods, and improve the safety and integrity of the goods.

The main components of the automated logistics sorting line are: logistics conveyor tracks, multiple logistics conveyor belts; logistics sorting carts, item scanners, etc. Among them, its important components are logistics sorting conveyor belts, logistics sorting conveyor belts throughout the entire The important role of the system is to carry and transport goods. The logistics conveyor mainly includes load-bearing platforms, working belts, motors and frame components. The coordination between the load-bearing platforms, working belts, motors and other unit components is required to be high, but In the actual operation process, there will always be mutual influence and interference between the load-bearing platform and the working belt, which will affect the normal operation of the logistics conveyor belt. In these sorting systems with conveyor belts, pvk conveyor belts can be the perfect solution. its needs.

The PVK conveyor belt is made of cotton fabric material, in which the cotton fabric is a three-dimensional woven integral core fabric impregnated with PVK slurry and processed. This processing method will not cause the problem of delamination. In addition to the flame retardant PVK conveyor belt It also has high wear resistance and cutting resistance, and its service life is longer than that of ordinary PVC conveyor belts.