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Special processing function of industrial belt
- 2021-09-06-

Custom-made industrial belt processing is now a more popular trend, why has it suddenly become a fashion? Industrial belts are important equipment parts in machinery. Industrial belts are a big category. Conveyor belts, timing belts, and base belts are all industrial belts. Most industrial belts require special treatment before they can be used. And many customers have different production of their own products, and they also have different focuses on the use of industrial belts. Therefore, manufacturers will carry out special processing on industrial belts. What are the processes for special processing of industrial belts? Let's take a brief look below.

Customized processing of industrial belts refers to belts that are specially processed to meet the special needs of customers' machinery and equipment, such as ordinary conveyor belts, pattern conveyor belts, film base belts, timing belts, etc. The processed industrial belt can be widely used in packaging machinery and equipment such as packaging, printing, papermaking, electronics, plastics, wires and cables, food, beer, and beverages.

The role of customized special processing of industrial belts:

1. Glue the PVC guide bar, baffle and skirt to the belt. Adding guide bars can play a role in preventing deviation. Conveyor belts with baffles can be used to improve transportation, climbing, etc., and increase production efficiency. The conveyor belt with skirt can prevent the material from slipping off.

2. Customized industrial belts are punched, slotted, turning belts, etc. on the belt. Perforated conveyor belt can be used for vacuum packaging machine, can be used for vacuuming or adsorption. Lathe conveyor belts can be used for conveying at special angles.

3. Adding rubber to the belt can increase the friction of the belt, resist high temperature, and increase the elasticity of the belt life. Rubber-added products can be used in various conveying industry applications, such as glass manufacturing, ceramics industry, paper industry, wood processing, labeling and packaging equipment.

4. PU is added to the surface of the timing belt. The surface of the belt is made of PU material, which is mainly used in the glass industry to increase the wear resistance of the surface of the timing belt.

5. Add high-density sponge and foam to the belt. The sponge is relatively soft and has a certain tensile strength. The foam on the surface of the belt is mainly used for the conveying of pillow packaging machines and electronic components for exhaust and cushioning.