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Principle of heat-resistant conveyor belt and how to use it correctly
- 2022-02-24-

At present, heat-resistant conveyor belts have stronger traction and safer conveying capacity. They are more and more widely used in daily production and transportation, and have received more and more praise. The characteristic of heat-resistant conveyor belts is that they need to be transported The goods, products or raw materials are installed together with the pulling machine to form a closed whole, which effectively improves the efficiency and reliability of the conveying.

We call the heat-resistant conveyor belt as a high-temperature resistant conveyor belt, which is a kind of rubber conveyor belt. This product is referred to as a heat-resistant belt. It can transport a variety of high-temperature materials. The heat-resistant belt is used in Various problems are prone to occur in the process, so we need to analyze the relative situation.

The premise of our analysis is to understand the principle of use of heat-resistant conveyor belts

The conveyor belt is tensioned by the driving device, and the middle frame and the idler form the conveyor belt as the traction and bearing member, so as to continuously transport the scattered materials or finished products.

How to use heat resistant conveyor belt correctly

We all know that the heat-resistant conveyor belt can be used in high temperature environment. Design, and has the characteristics of light belt body and long service life. In the process of use, we need to pay attention to the temperature of the transported materials can not exceed 800 degrees Celsius, to avoid damage and other situations, according to our actual needs, choose the length and whether to make It is used as a conveyor belt with a large inclination angle or a sidewall conveyor belt. Generally speaking, the conveyor belt needs to be made into an endless conveyor belt for use.