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Reasons and solutions for the fracture of imported 3-angle synchronous belts
- 2022-03-29-

The imported 3-angle synchronous belt has been used for a long time, and it will inevitably break. If we can find the cause of the break earlier, then we can reduce some losses. Therefore, Shaofeng Industrial Belt has summarized the following reasons for the break. and solutions.

Reasons for the early fracture of the synchronous belt:

1. The pulley is too small. The belt is forced to bend too much.

2. The load is too large or the passive wheel stops due to an accident. This greatly increases the load force.

3. The inertial force of the passive wheel and passive load is not considered.

Timing belt early breakage solution:

1. Full attention and caution should be exercised during handling, storage and installation.

2. Check the design and replace with a pulley with more teeth than the original minimum number.

3. Improve the design.

Reasons for edge wear of synchronous belt:

1. The diameter of the pulley is smaller than the width of the belt.

2. Insufficient bearing rigidity.

3. The parallelism of the wheel is not allowed.

4. The pulley rib is bent.

Timing belt edge wear solution:

1. Check the design.

2. Increase the rigidity of the bearing and fix it firmly.

3. Correct the positioning of the pulley.

4. Correct the rib or replace it.

Reasons for tooth surface wear of synchronous belt:

1. Add abrasive dust.

2. The belt tension is too large.

3. The load is too large.

4. The gear teeth are rough.

Timing belt tooth surface wear solution:

1. Improve the environment and increase the protective cover.

2. Adjust the belt tension and tightening force.

3. Improve the design.

4. Trim the gear teeth or replace the pulley.

No matter what the reason is, we must take precautions before it happens. We can learn about the material, quality, after-sales problems, etc. of imported 3-angle synchronous belts in advance, and we can also prepare a few more imported 3-angle synchronous belts for emergencies. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.