Industry classification of imported industrial belts
- 2021-09-06-

In order to let everyone know about imported industrial belts, Shaofeng tells you what is the industry classification of industrial conveyor belts with many years of experience?

What is a conveyor belt? Generally, PVC, PU, ​​PVK are used as industrial conveyor belts, which are mainly used indoors, while those used outdoors are generally made of rubber, and heavy-duty belts are used to transport sand and stone. Shao Feng will introduce the industrial applications of industrial conveyor belts today.

In the food industry, we generally use PU conveyor belts. PU is different from PVC. It has oil resistance and is made of food-grade materials to ensure the safety of our food. The common domestic food industry conveyor belts mainly include: PVC food conveyor belt, PU food conveyor belt, PE food conveyor belt, high temperature resistant Teflon whole core food conveyor belt (for baking machinery), high temperature resistant silicone food conveyor belt, natural Pollution-free food grade conveyor belts, plastic mesh food conveyor belts, pure polyurethane conveyor belts, etc.

In the airport or logistics industry, PVK conveyor belts are more practical. PVK conveyor belts are more prominently flame-retardant. Places filled with flammable materials such as logistics and places with very high traffic such as airports are fire-resistant. Of course it is one. The flame retardant properties of PVK conveyor belt reduce the spread time of fire.

In the paper industry, the commonly used industrial conveyor belt is called a suction belt. It must be perforated to suck air, so that the paper is flat without wrinkles, and it can also play a role in positioning.

Conveyor belts of different materials can be used in the same industry. Finally, a suitable industrial conveyor belt must be found according to the needs of the industry.Special processing of industrial belts.