How to choose imported 3 angle belt timing belt
- 2022-03-28-

Today, Shaofeng will introduce to you the imported 3-angle belt timing belt, which is widely used in petroleum, light industry, chemical industry, textile, light industry, machine tools, tobacco, communication cables, metallurgy, instrumentation, food, mining, In the automobile and other industries, the transmission is composed of an endless belt with equidistant teeth on the inner peripheral surface and wheels with corresponding matching.

There are many people who do not understand timing belts. When buying timing belts, the quality is the most concerned issue for everyone. What affects the quality of timing belts? Shaofeng Industrial Belts tells you with its rich experience that there are the following three main reasons. :

1, using inferior raw materials to produce

2, the process is wrong

3, the workmanship is not rigorous

When purchasing, pay attention to the cleanliness of the surface of the product, the belt is not twisted and deformed, and the belt teeth are full.

Timing belt products should not be twisted to avoid damage to the skeleton material and affect the strength of the belt. Timing belt products should be strictly prohibited from scratching the belt to avoid early damage to the belt.

Timing belt products avoid contact with chemicals (especially strong oxidizing acids, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.).

Timing belt products should avoid long-term contact with oil and water.

When replacing the timing belt, the tension of the belt must be reduced to a minimum before it can be taken out. It is strictly forbidden to use non-professional tools to pry the timing belt off under the condition of high tension.

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