Uses and applications of imported industrial belts after special processing
- 2021-09-06-

At present, imported industrial belts have become an indispensable accessory in industrial production. Many factories or equipment manufacturers need to use special imported industrial belts. Today, Shaofeng Industrial Belt will introduce the use and application of various imported industrial belts in special processing.

Specially processed belts refer to belts that are specially processed for original conveyor belts, such as ordinary conveyor belts, patterned conveyor belts, film base belts, synchronous belts, etc., in order to meet the special needs of customers' mechanical equipment. It is widely used in packaging machinery and equipment such as packaging, printing, papermaking, electronics, plastics, wires and cables, food, beer, and beverages.

1. Adhesive PVC guide strips, baffles and skirts on imported industrial belts. Adding guide bars can prevent deviation. The baffle conveyor belt can be used to improve transportation, climbing, etc., to improve production efficiency. The skirted conveyor belt can prevent the material from slipping.

2. The perforated conveyor belt can be used in the vacuum packaging machine for evacuation or adsorption. Conveyor belts for turning machines can be used for conveying at special angles.

3. The addition of rubber to imported industrial belts can increase the friction of the belt and endure high temperatures, and has excellent elasticity to increase the life of the belt. Rubber products can be used in various transportation industries, such as glass manufacturing, ceramics industry, paper industry, wood processing, labeling and packaging equipment, etc.

4. Add Pu on the surface of the synchronous belt. The surface of imported industrial belts with PU material is mainly used in the glass industry to improve the wear resistance of the surface of the timing belt.

5. High-density sponge and foam are added to the imported industrial belt. The sponge is relatively soft and has a certain tensile strength. The surface of imported industrial belts with foam is mainly used for the conveying of pillow packaging machines and precision electronic components, which plays a role of exhaust and cushioning.