PU food conveyor belt
- 2021-09-06-

Compared with the transportation of other products, food transportation has higher requirements on the conveyor belt. If there is a food safety issue, this is no small matter. Therefore, food conveyor belts must be safe, non-toxic, hygienic, and meet food quality standards. andPU food conveyor beltFully meet the above requirements, meet food hygiene standards, and have the characteristics of abrasion resistance and oil resistance. It is a special food conveyor belt.

The white PU conveyor belt is a food-grade conveyor belt. The processing of the green material conveyor belt is a bit different from that of the white material. The surface is soft and harder. It can be made into an oil and grease resistant conveyor belt. White polyurethane (PU) The conveyor belt not only has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good bending, lightness, thinness, and toughness, but also oil resistance, non-toxic and hygienic, and easy to clean. This type of conveyor belt meets sanitary standards, is wear-resistant and resistant to physical aging, and is a durable conveying product.

It is mainly suitable for the transportation of packaging machinery and fresh noodles, the transportation of noodles before and after the oven, the transportation of noodles processing equipment, the transportation of chocolate food, and the transportation of biscuit food. It has good anti-sticking properties so that the goods and conveyor belts can be transported quickly. Effective separation without leaving traces, especially suitable for conveying bread and dough.

PU food conveyor belt has the characteristics of oil resistance and wear resistance. It is especially suitable for puffed food transportation, fried food, PU conveyor belt and black PU conveyor belt. Dark green pu conveyor belt has good oil resistance and chemical oil resistance. Cutting resistance, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, good softness and toughness, it can be used under mineral oil, hydrocarbon products, mainly used in the production and processing of steel, aluminum, steel machinery, wood sheet pu conveyor belt, steel transportation, Aluminum plate conveying.