The difference between cut resistant PU conveyor belt and PVC conveyor belt
- 2021-09-06-

Cut-resistant PU conveyor belts and PVC conveyor belts look basically the same, so everyone is very confused about how to distinguish between the two. So how do you choose a conveyor belt suitable for your industry? The following Shaofeng industrial leather belt tells you what PU and PVC conveyor belts are.

1. The difference in environmental protection level

PVC conveyor belts and cut-resistant PU conveyor belts are very different in terms of environmental protection level. Pu conveyor belt manufacturers claim that PU conveyor belts use more environmentally friendly polyurethane raw materials. This material meets hygienic food standards and can directly contact food. There will be no human problems; PVC conveyor belts are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is a plastic product, which is inferior to PU conveyor belts in terms of safety and environmental protection in the food industry.

2. The difference in applicable factory environment

Pu conveyor belt manufacturers claim that the two also have significant differences in applicable factories. PVC conveyor belts can be used in factories with large temperature differences, and can perform transmission work well under various complex conditions; while PU Conveyor belts are mainly used in food factories to ensure food safety issues.

3. The difference in extending the service life

PU conveyor belts have excellent physical resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance and cutting resistance, which make PU conveyor belts very popular in the field of conveyor belts; and the wear resistance of PVC conveyor belts is slightly inferior to that of PU conveyor belts. Therefore, the service life of the two is obviously higher than that of the PU conveyor belt.

The difference between the PVC conveyor belt and the trustworthy PU conveyor belt is mainly derived from the materials used by the two and the main production environment. The differences in the materials of the two have their own advantages, but if it is for food safety, it must be a well-known PU in China. Conveyor belts have to win. The difference in the production environment is also determined by the performance of the two. PVC conveyor belts are not as good as reliable cut-resistant PU conveyor belts due to flexibility and wear resistance, so the service life is shorter than the latter.