Adjustment of imported industrial belts
- 2021-09-06-

Nowadays, many production industries will useImported V-belt Synchronous Belt, First of all, the conveyor belt not only has a long conveying distance, but also can carry a lot of heavy objects, with high efficiency and convenient use. Realized industrial automation, in line with the trend of current social development. Do you know how to adjust the conveyor belt?

(1) When adjusting the tensioning mechanism, if the belt runs to the same side under no-load and heavy-load conditions, it indicates that the tightness of the two sides of the belt is not the same. It should be based on the rule of "running tight and not running loose". , Adjust the screw rod or counterweight of the tensioning mechanism; if the tape runs sideways and has no fixed direction, it means that the tape is loose and the tensioning mechanism should be adjusted.

(2) Adjust the roller support (or rack) method. If the conveyor belt always deviates to one side when it is unloaded, the roller support on that side should be moved forward by 1-50px along the running direction of the conveyor belt. Or raise the other side roller support (or frame) appropriately.

(3) Sticky matter removal method. If there is material on the part of the roller or the supporting roller, increase the diameter of this part, and the conveyor roller will increase the tension of this part of the conveyor belt, which will cause deviation. Adhesive materials should be cleaned up in time.

(4) Adjust the conveyor belt method. If the edges of the conveyor belt are severely worn or the seams of the conveyor belt are not parallel, the tension on both sides of the conveyor belt is inconsistent. The tape should be re-dressed or replaced.

(5) Install the deviation adjusting roller method. If two sets of automatic self-aligning rollers (flat rollers or grooved rollers) are installed on the conveyor, the deviation of the conveyor belt can be automatically corrected.

(6) Install an automatic deviation correction device on the conveyor to prevent the belt from deviation.

Therefore, the step of installing the timing belt is very important. If it is not installed correctly, the timing belt will be worn and the work efficiency will be delayed.